About the Company
We are a group of enthusiasts who love not only to escape the rooms, but also to to build them all around the world. Just like everybody else, we started with a simple visit to an escape room and after a few games we decided that we could open a business in this field . Over the time this topic fascinated us more and more and we decided to create our own unique escape rooms and distribute them around the world. We started with a team of 5 people, and now there are already more than 30 of us: scenario writers, prop makers, engineers, designers, project managers and other specialists.
Our Successes
We create interesting escape rooms of highest quality. Our company is focused on producing unique escape rooms that people from all over the world enjoy playing. We helped to open an escape room business to 175 partners from 31 countries.
5 years
We started in 2014 and are constantly developing
361 Escape Room
Implemented from 2014 to 2019
31 Countries
are already using our Escape Rooms
965 182
people visited our Escape Rooms
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