How to Make an Extra $1,500 per Month on Outdoor Games?
Outdoor escape games are games that are held not in small closed spaces, but anywhere you want: on a street, in an office, in a restaurant, etc. From 4 to 300 people can participate, and the most frequent orders come from companies that want to have an interesting corporate event.
How Does the Outdoor Game Works?
The mechanics are usually quite versatile. At the start of the event, the game master explains the rules to the participants, divides them into teams, sets up and gives the first task. After that, within an hour, teams solve the puzzles, understand where to go next, go there and find a new puzzle.
So that participants do not get bored of a set of simple tasks, a story, tasks for interaction of players, a common global goal, a competitive element and much more are added to the game.
Outdoor game "Night of Living Dead"
What Do We Offer
1 day
The term from signing the contract to the start of advertising.
The budget for the launch of 1 game (scenario + necessary props).
The average profit from one event.
3 events
You need to hold to recoup the investment.
0 m2
You will need to run the game, because all game are held at the customer's facilities.
1 employee
Required to launch this area of business.
Our Prices
Cost of one outdoor game scenario
Cost of 3 outdoor game scenarios
What Is Included in the Price
Scenario of an outdoor game
Play materials
List of required props
Designer materials
Instructions for organizers
Support of our manager
Scenarios for Corporate Events
Event Scenarios for Children
Photo Reports from the Games
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