We create the secure electronics, the unique control system, the amazing scenarios and we can guarantee that your Escape Room will work successfully.
We create room elements, that won't be destroyed easily!
The best escape rooms to start a business
We can help you not only bring players in but also make them come back to play again and again
business partners work with us
countries are already using our escape rooms
Escape Rooms are opened in 58 cities around the world
When Escape Room owners need our help, here's what they get
A whole range of services for an Escape Room in one place!
Turnkey Escape Rooms
We make quality Escape Rooms that provide an immersive and unique experience for players. We've helped to start an escape room business to 175 partners.

Price: from $20,000
20 scenarios ready to deploy, or a unique Escape Room scenario based on your technical task. All the scenarios are written by professional writers.

Price: from $1,000
Elements of props with (or without) integrated electronics for creating the Escape Room (wands, cut off limbs, talking boxes, etc.)

Price: from $200
These are full-fledged escape rooms implemented inside plywood cubes. It represent the maximum concentration of puzzles in the minimum area.

Price: from $26,000
We have developed a very successful scenarios
If you want to get real feedback about our services and products, we can give you the contacts of our partners who have already worked with us
Some examples of our devices
Players must insert in the eye's case all the required gears and in will turn on. Then they place a picture in front of it, it "wakes up" and the puzzle is solved.
Here are our beautiful immersive props for the escape room about superheroes!
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Advantages of Partnership with Time Quest Lab
  • Exciting Escape Rooms
    All our professionals have more than 4 years of experiences
  • Support
    We offer you professional consultation of our specialist during installation
  • No Franchise
    You pay just a Fix Price for our service. No royalties payments.
How do we work
Negotiations on agreement
We agree on the escape room theme, budget and terms and then we sign the contract.
Escape Room building
We start the production of your escape room. Our project manager will keep in touch with you to give updates about the production process.
Testing and launching
Once all the components of the escape room are put together, the game is ready for opening. If you need any help with installation, our specialists will give you recommendations.
Opening the escape room
You begin to receive a stable income from the business of your interest.
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About us
We are a team of professionals and we love to create interesting escape rooms of highest quality. We are located in Novosibirsk. Our company is focused on producing unique escape rooms that people all around the globe enjoy playing. We helped to open an escape room business to 175 partners from 31 countries.
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