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for those who love thrills and are ready to meet their innermost fears
for those who want to escape from the routine and come to the escape room to relieve stress
for those who are happy to take part in any adventure and want to meet the heroes of their favorite movies and books
for those who want to go in escape rooms with their closest people and experience a wonderful adventure together
Outdoor games
for those who want to conduct an awesome outdoor event for a company of friends or colleagues
Any other
if you already have an idea for the scenario, we are ready to implement it basing on your needs and budget
What Is Included in the Scenario
The text that players see on the site, booking an escape room, and which administrator tells them at the entrance to the location. With the help of the legend, players are immersed in the atmosphere of the game from the very beginning.
The color of the walls, the necessary decorations, lighting, music - all this is described in the scenario and gives you a clear idea of what the finished location will look like.
Design-project of the room
We develop a design project for your escape room. We also provide an arrangement of objects by location, taking into account the characteristics of your premises.
Room walkthrough
The most important thing is a detailed and consistent description of the puzzles that players must solve during the escape room passage.
Equipment estimate
Together with the scenario you get a detailed estimate of the equipment and the necessary details for the escape room.
Images that help to better present the content of the escape room: decorations, elements of props, game master costumes, etc.
How Do We Work
Send you a commercial offer
Agree on the terms of cooperation
Sign the agreement
Send the scenario in the terms specified in the agreement
Order a scenario and get a room plan for free
A Room Plan as a Gift
Arrangement of furniture, "playing" items and brief recommendations on the design of the atmospheric facility for the escape room.
Detailed room plan
If you have already decided on the room and signed a lease agreement, the plan can be created according to your desire, taking into account the actual size of the room. If you order a scenario in advance, before entering into a lease agreement, an approximate layout for the average area will be indicated on the floor plan. This layout will not be difficult to adapt to a specific room.

List of items (optional)
  • «playing» items
  • decoration («npn-playing» items)
You Can Also Order
Design project of a turnkey esccape room developed by a professional escape room designer.
Selected music, soundtracks and a list of recommended sound for the escape room.
Electronics and props for the Escape Room.
Fully assembled sound: from soundtracks to dubbing of intro text and text on behalf of game characters.
Description of the implementation of puzzles for the escape room (for example: "to implement this puzzle, you need a motion sensor located there and a player with speakers located there and tuned this way").
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