We have already helped dozens of clients to open their business in the field of escape rooms. We are looking for our future partners who will join us to build a successful business in the entertainment industry.
Creation of Equipment and Props
We produce puzzles of any complexity. It can be both electronic and mechanical elements of the escape room. In addition, we can create all the necessary equipment. Sensors, controllers, wires, speakers, monitors - this is an incomplete list of escape room equipment that we can do for you.
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Writing Scenarios for Escape Rooms
If you don't have the necessary skills, desire or time, you can order a turnkey escape room from us: the complete creation of an escape room from writing a scenario to launching commercial games. You can forget about difficult tasks, we will do everything for you!
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Escape Room Installation
In order for you to open the escape room quickly and not to experience difficulties during its building, we offer the service "Installation". Our specialists come to your location and do the installation of the escape room. The cost of the service is calculated individually for each escape room.
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Games in Virtual Reality
We started working in a new direction and now we are developing free roam team games in virtual reality. Now we have game locations in Novosibirsk (Russia), Saratov (Russia) and Luxembourg (Luxembourg), and more than 5 partners will open soon as well.
Multimedia Creation
Multimedia allows the players to be fully immersed in the game and the environment becomes real. We can provide you everything you need: the music that accompanies the guests throughout the game, the video that turns on at a certain moment and produces the desired effect, design materials for the escape room itself etc.
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