Building a new facility or installing a new attraction is exciting, but you may be worried or stressed about choosing the right company or vendor to work with. We get it.
4 main directions
Our main goal is to make innovative entertainment available for everyone and provide our partners with an instrument for profitable business
VR parks
Exclusive purchase of our games is available solely through us.
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Escape rooms & decorations
In our catalog there are 30+ classic escape rooms and many other ambitious projects.
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Action rooms
Themed rooms with action immersive experience for kids and families.
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Trampoline parks
Open your own trampoline or ninja parks.
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Our company is focused on producing unique escape rooms that people all around the globe enjoy playing. We helped to open an escape room business to 175 partners from 31 countries.
Vasily Petrenko, CEO of TQL
Our Partners
We provide the best service
Turnkey business solution for location based entertainment market. Making any prop, decoration, built-in electronics, attraction and arcade for expos, vr arenas, simulators and amusement centers
Design project, layouts
Equipment and play materials
Construction and decoration
Multimedia and software
Schemes and instructions
Marketing materials
Education and support
Action rooms arcades
VR-arena and VR attractions
We will help you to build a successful business. Leave a request and we will contact you within 1 day to answer you
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